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“Esther House has been my saving grace for the past six months.  Not only has it been my safe haven and my home, I have had the opportunity to meet some exceptional and amazing women whose paths I would not have crossed otherwise.  It is my heartfelt belief that I was guided here for a purpose other than to just maintain my sobriety.

I owe a great deal of gratitude to Esther House, the staff and to the board members for making the house a home for us.  Also to the wonderful, zany and yes, sometimes whimsical ladies who have shared this journey with me.  I have learned to relax and to take it easy – mentally, emotionally and physically.

It’s going to be OK.”

Dianne, Esther House

“The bed that I was given is something that I use every day. It is not a sporadically used item. It is so important to receive something so essential to help me with my living situation. Because I get to sleep on a bed now, I feel well-rested on the following day. I also feel no pain waking up in the morning from sleeping on the floor. I have also noticed that throughout the day I feel more focused and alert and am generally in a better mood. It feels like I can accomplish more the following day after a good night’s sleep. This comfortable gift is not only essential but also wonderful. The feeling can be described as very satisfying. I am very thankful for what I have received and I hope that others will have that privilege too. Kind Regards!”

New Directions for Children, Youth, Adults & Families

“[The Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation] was instrumental in providing new mattresses and bedding for our interim housing.  It was wonderful for our staff to be able to provide a better experience for those victims of domestic violence that we work with.  Thank you so much for your support.”

Anna Pazdzierski
Executive Director, Nova House Inc

“After years of pursuing housing options for Winnipeg’s homeless, Siloam Mission purchased the Wolseley-area Madison Memorial Lodge in April of 2011 to turn into supportive housing.  The dilapidated building was in dire need of repair.  Siloam’s vision for the Madison Lodge was a dignified place that people who experienced homelessness could be proud to call “home”.  

Today, the Madison Lodge houses more than 70 people who would otherwise be homeless. The MREA Shelter Foundation grant helped us develop the communal spaces and provide vital supports for guests transitioning off the streets and into their own home.  Our guests are learning to connect, build community and create a place where everyone is loved and accepted.  We would like to thank the MREA Shelter Foundation for their support in welcoming our residents home.”

Judy Richichi
Director of Development, Siloam Mission 

“Knowing I had the opportunity to reside at Esther House during treatment allowed me to concentrate my full attention on recovery without fear and anxiety about safe, affordable housing afterwards. I believe this made a huge difference in the rehabilitation process as well as my continued dedication to be well.

As a second-stage recovery house, Esther House is a structured environment but rather than being suffocating, there is also the freedom to re-learn how to be a responsible adult in society again, at a reasonable pace.

Esther House is clean, warm and inviting and very well-managed. Teresa is always approachable for questions or for sound, frank advice which has made me feel both valued and respected as well as comfortable.

During the last few years in active addiction my lifestyle had become extremely degraded essentially leaving me inept at functioning in daily life. While at Esther House I have remembered and embraced the simple joys of things like cooking meals, keeping my room clean, and sticking to routines. Most importantly, Esther House has played an integral role in my continuing sobriety.

This chance that I had to reside here has both changed and saved my life; by giving me a safe home where I have learned to be confident in my abilities, where I have learned to trust others and allow them to trust me, and where I have learned to love myself again. My gratitude is beyond words.”

Lee, Esther House

“Since getting my new bed from Dufresne Furniture I have had comfortable sleeps. I feel I am very lucky to have received the bed as I have limited finances. I just want to say thanks as it means a lot to me and my family.”

New Directions for Children, Youth, Adults & Families

“It was awesome to see my children smile.  They loved the facilities and the staff.  It made me happy to see them learning and sharing, especially their feelings.  Thank you for everything.”

Cheryl, Nova House Inc.

“I just want to thank you for helping Esther House. It has been a wonderful experience for me to have a safe place to call home, while I am recovering from my addiction. The support is gratefully appreciated. I could not have done it if there was no second stage recovery. I would have felt defeated.

Because of Esther House, I have been able to stay clean, and for the first time truly live and have hope. Having a foundation to build on for a better life has put joy in my heart.

I thank God for the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, Esther House board members, and for all those who believe that there is hope for those who truly want sobriety. Again I want to thank you for giving me a stepping stone to rebuild my life.”

Diane, Esther House

“Habitat for Humanity Manitoba (HFHM) benefits greatly from our relation with The MREA Shelter Foundation.  The construction of a Habitat home carries a large expense and requires a tremendous amount of work to raise the necessary funds.  The MREA Shelter Foundation’s generous cash donations to our volunteer-driven HFHM Chapters in Virden and Portage la Prairie helped us attain our fundraising goals in those communities. Because of the funding assistance from the Shelter Foundation, there are two Manitoba families that have each purchased an affordable home and can now call it their own.  Thank you so much to The MREA Shelter Foundation for their continuing support of projects throughout the province of Manitoba.  They are wonderful advocates for the community and a pleasure to work with.”

Steve Krahn
Vice President, Regional Development
Habitat for Humanity Manitoba

Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation