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How We Help

Since 2008, MRSF has provided 127 grants to 41 shelter-related Manitoba charities totaling over a half-million dollars.

But in 2024, the Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation embarked on a new path. The foundation will partner with one shelter-related charity at a time to raise funds and deepen the impact REALTORS® make in our province. Over the last 16 years, the foundation has supported numerous remarkable initiatives through a number of grants dispersed each year.

Under this new focus, our board of governors will collectively identify organizations that are undertaking innovative or larger-scale shelter projects within our province. These organizations will have demonstrated a remarkable commitment to their missions and a track record of effective impact in the community.

Our goal with this shift is to deepen our impact and create a more meaningful and sustained connection with the charitable organization we partner with. We believe that by working closely with a single charity, we can contribute more effectively to their mission and cause, with the aim to engage our REALTOR® community more broadly.

We also believe that through a sustained and collaborative partnership, we will raise a larger amount of funds and make a more significant impact which will strengthen the reputation of REALTORS® who care and give back to their communities.

We are also rebranding our Close a Sale, Open a Door campaign to align with our partnership approach and to highlight how REALTORS® are making an impact. The campaign is now entitled REALTORS® Care about (add partner name). This classification makes it clear who is giving, and which Manitoba charity their gift is supporting.

We are proud and excited to announce that our 2024 partner is…Habitat for Humanity Manitoba, in support of their Pandora Avenue West Project.

Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation