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Ways to Give

When you give to the Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation, you provide funds to a multitude of Manitoba shelter-related charities that provide ongoing services, safety and shelter to our community members in need.

Donate Today

Make a one-time donation to the Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation, or become a monthly donor to continually support the charities and causes that depend upon the foundation. You can also designate your donation as a tribute or in memoriam to someone important to you.

Close a Sale – Open a Door campaign

If you’re a REALTOR®, come join our exclusive group of donors who pledge to the foundation at least $10 from every sale they make in Manitoba. Together, we can all work together to provide shelter and safety to our friends who need it most.

Host an Event

Do you have an idea for a great fundraising event that brings together the community, and shows your love for the Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation? Whether it’s a sports tournament, social dance or trivia night, you idea could help raise dollars that make a difference to Manitoba charities in need of grants and funding.

Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation