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Why support Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation?

Every day, Manitobans experiencing crisis are in need of safe shelter and services.

Your gift will make a direct impact on someone who needs help right now.

Donations to the Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation have supported charities in need of:

  • Operational funding including funds for support staff, program counsellors, security guards and overhead costs so that charities can continue to offer their services to Manitobans in need.
  • Renovation and installation of new windows, roofs, bathroom vanities, flooring and stairs in community homes and service centres that keep their members safe.
  • Equipment and supplies such as freezers, kitchenware, cleaning products, mattresses and mattress covers, adaptable furniture and portable bedbug treatment units to bring comfort to their residents.
  • Community funding for new home builds, landscaping, and rooftop gardens.

Your transformative donation not only delivers safe housing, resident supports and vital amenities, but also helps to deliver dignity, hope and a sense of what home is to people who have experienced marginalization, discrimination, medical hardships, domestic violence and addictions.

So when you give to the Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation, you don’t give to one charity, you impact a connected network of essential organizations that blanket Manitoba with shelter, comfort and safety.

Click here to learn about all the ways you can give today.

Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation