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Association for Community Living- Interlake Inc.

The Association for Community Living Interlake Branch recognizes the value of every person and believes that people living with an intellectual disability are individuals; each of whom has rights as community members. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals, living with an intellectual disability, to live a fully inclusive life as members of the community.

In 2015, they relocated to Main Street, Stonewall and operate space for adult day programs, a gift store and a lunch/coffee shop. These not for profit businesses, run through the “Something Beautiful” storefront, give them the opportunity to develop new options for skills training.  Their job coaches work with a number of clients every day on skills ranging from baking to counting money or customer service. Some of their individuals work full shifts in the store or café while others may just work on one simple skill like cleaning a table.

They also operate six residential community-based homes that provide 24-hour supports for individuals living with intellectual disabilities. The Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation grant will assist with purchase and installation of bluetooth thermostats in their community centre and residential homes.

The Behavioural Health Foundation

BHF is a therapeutic community providing long term programming to persons with addictions and co-occurring mental health issues. Dependents of  these persons are also  accommodated both in residence and in the program.

Addictions are seen in the context of the individual’s psychological status and lifestyle. Emphasis is placed on environment, peer group, family relationship, work habits, attitudes and values. Breezy Point is a residential program for women, providing gender-specific, trauma-informed treatment.

The Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation grant will go towards upgrading and renovating their Breezy Point kitchen.

Community Respite Service Inc.

Since 1984, Community Respite Service has helped families and people with intellectual and physical disabilities by providing quality respite in Manitoba, fostering independence and participation within their communities. CRS is a participant and family centered care organization that strives to provide quality service. They provide parents and caregivers of people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities the opportunity to take a much-deserved break. They also provide support, companionship and assistance to people with disabilities whether they are living independently in their communities or with their caregivers.

Caring for a child or adult with a disability takes time, energy, and support. After rising to meet the challenge that goes with caring for someone with a disability, time off to rejuvenate becomes a necessity. For over 30 years, Community Respite Service has helped people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities to function with dignity and independence.

The Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation grant will go towards the purchase of a new commode chair.

Esther House Inc.

Working in close cooperation with the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM), Esther House has assisted women to move back into the community with a strong sense of confidence in their abilities to deal with their addictions and move forward in their lives.  While at Esther House, many of these women have enrolled in training and upgrading, sought and found gainful employment and become reunited with their families.

Esther House Inc. is a non-profit, community-based facility that provides shelter and support to women in second stage recovery from addiction. It is one of the few non co-ed places where women can stay for a period of up to twelve months while making the transition back into society. Esther House is a safe house that provides the infrastructure necessary for women to heal, and gain confidence and self-esteem in order to continue their journey of life in recovery.

The Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation grant will go towards ongoing operational funding assistance.

Habitat for Humanity- Manitoba

Founded in 1987, Habitat Manitoba is a nonprofit housing organization that believes everyone deserves a safe and decent place to live. They mobilize communities to help working, lower income families build strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable homeownership. With the help of volunteers, donors, and community partners, they have built more than 430 homes in the Province, including Kenora, Ontario.

The Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation grant will help fund the purchase and installation of electrical in a new Dauphin home.

Knowles Centre

Knowles Centre is a community-based, nonprofit social service agency for children, adolescents and young adults facing difficult times in their lives. It began as a home for boys in 1907, and today provides a range of therapeutic and skills-based programs to young people from Manitoba and other communities throughout Canada.

Their mission is to help young people and their families to address past struggles, to develop healthier relationships and ways of life, and to reach their full potential in the future.

Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation funding will purchase one automated external defibrillator (AED) device for their community apartment.

Main Street Project

Main Street Project provides a safe place of respite, shelter and support, with dignity and without judgment to individuals in our community experiencing homelessness and addiction. They advocate for a more inclusive society and assist marginalized individuals in making real choices in their lives.

Their vision is that every individual has a safe place to be and the right to self-determination.

They help hold communities by supporting people living with addictions, chronic and acute illness, housing and mental health issues – their guiding principles. By addressing these principles in each individual journey, they contribute to the overall quality of life of our community members.

Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation funding will help support the cabling and installation for security cameras at their new location in the former Mitchell Fabrics Building.

Manitoba Tipi Mitawa Inc.

Through a partnership by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and the Manitoba Real Estate Association, The Manitoba Tipi Mitawa (MTM) program helps First Nations families wishing to purchase their first home, by guiding and supporting them through education and financial assistance.

The MTM program is unique in that they provide a holistic approach in supporting families through their journey to homeownership. They are there to help participants through each important step, from financial education, to home maintenance training, to REALTOR® selection and ultimately, in purchasing their first home. Manitoba will be a better place to live for First Nations families who flourish in stable communities where they develop secure social connections and build financial independence for future generations.

Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation funding will fund two home maintenance workshops for MTM program participants.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Manitoba

RMHC Manitoba supports the health and well-being of children by providing a “home-away-from-home” and other services for critically ill, chronically ill and seriously injured children and their families.

Ronald McDonald House is a “home-away-from-home” for rural Manitoban and out-of-province families with a child requiring treatment at a nearby hospital. The House is a warm, supportive, and welcoming space where families can stay close, be together and connect with each other in a compassionate and supportive environment.

Ronald McDonald Family Room is a home within the hospital walls for any family with a pediatric patient. Open from 9am – 9pm every day of the week, this space offers comfort and care just steps away from your child’s bedside. Three sleeping rooms offer overnight accommodations for families of children in critical situations. A napping lounge offers much needed rest for families and siblings while our common area spaces offer a space of respite for moments of rest and reflection.

Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation funding will provide one disinfecting UV light for RMHC Manitoba’s family shower room, allowing staff and visitors to safely refresh and reset during stressful times.

S.H.A.D.E. (Safe Housing And Directed Empowerment) Inc.

S.H.A.D.E. is a Second Stage Housing initiative focused on supporting Newcomer (immigrant and refugee) women and their children affected by domestic abuse and / or family violence in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This support is centered around two pillars: 1) Safe Housing and 2) Directed Empowerment. The overall objective is to provide Newcomer women and any of their children with a safe place to live when they have decided to leave an abusive domestic situation and guide them toward rebuilding their lives in a sustainable, independent manner through psychosocial counselling and practical supports.

The target population of S.H.A.D.E. is immigrant and refugee women in Winnipeg, along with any children each woman may have, who are voluntarily seeking to leave an abusive domestic situation. These women are often financially dependent on a spouse, have limited English language skills, and have no alternate safe living space to move to when/if they need/choose to voluntarily leave a domestic abuse situation.

Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation will fund the purchase of new beds, mattress protectors and pillows for their future shelter residence.

Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation