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2017 Recipients of Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation Funding

Bravestone Centre Inc.

Bravestone Centre offers women and their children the opportunity to heal and grow in a cooperative, caring environment with other families who have shared a similar experience. Bravestone Centre believes that families must be free from danger to break the cycle of violence. 

Bravestone Centre is a non-profit charitable organization that provides women and their children affected by domestic violence with secure and safe on-site housing, individual and group therapeutic counselling, support programs, advocacy, and connection with community resources. address the needs of women who have already taken steps toward resolving the initial crisis involved in their decision to separate from their abusive partner. 

Bravestone Centre is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. For over 28 years, under the previous name of WISH Inc. (Women in Second Stage Housing), they have been honoured to work with courageous women and their children as they break free from family violence.

The Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation grant will go towards new furniture in family units.

Esther House Inc.

Working in close cooperation with the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM), Esther House has assisted women to move back into the community with a strong sense of confidence in their abilities to deal with their addictions and move forward in their lives.  While at Esther House, many of these women have enrolled in training and upgrading, sought and found gainful employment and become reunited with their families.

Esther House Inc. is a non-profit, community-based facility that provides shelter and support to women in second stage recovery from addiction. It is one of the few non co-ed places where women can stay for a period of up to twelve months while making the transition back into society. Esther House is a safe house that provides the infrastructure necessary for women to heal, and gain confidence and self-esteem in order to continue their journey of life in recovery

The Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation grant will go towards ongoing operational funding assistance.

Knowles Centre Inc.

Knowles Centre is a community-based, nonprofit social service agency for children, adolescents and young adults facing difficult times in their lives. It began as a home for boys in 1907, and today provides a range of therapeutic and skills-based programs to young people from Manitoba and other communities throughout Canada.  Their mission is to help young people and their families to address past struggles, to develop healthier relationships and ways of life, and to reach their full potential in the future.

The Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation grant will fund the purchase of a boiler for one of their apartment buildings.

L’Arche Winnipeg Inc.

Our mission is: to make known the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities revealed through mutually transforming relationships; to foster an environment in community that responds to the changing needs of our members, whilst being faithful to the core values of our founding story; engage in our diverse cultures, working tougher towards a more humane society.  

L’Arche Winnipeg began in 1973. Our community has grown over the years, and today we welcome 28 people with a developmental disability who are living in our six houses and two supported-living apartments, along with approximately 20 assistants, many of whom have come from other countries to experience L’Arche and make Winnipeg their home.  Four of our houses, our apartments, and our office are in the east end of Winnipeg (Transcona) and are all within walking distance of each other. Our two other homes are closer to downtown Winnipeg (in Windsor Park and St. Boniface).  

The Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation grant will replace flooring in two of the L’Arche homes.

Main Street Project

Main Street Project provides a safe place of respite, shelter and support, with dignity and without judgment to individuals in our community experiencing homelessness and addiction. They advocate for a more inclusive society and assist marginalized individuals to make a real choice. 

Main Street Project’s vision is that every individual has a safe place to be, and an opportunity to make real choices.  They help hold communities by supporting addictions, chronic and acute illness, housing and mental health issues. By addressing these principles in each individual journey, they contribute to overall quality of life of our community members.  Since 1972 they’ve served the needs of Winnipeg’s most vulnerable residents and have always worked towards helping our community find its collective footing.

The Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation funding will contribute to the purchase of commercial grade quality furniture in their men’s chemical detoxification facility.

Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council Inc.

Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council Inc. (MIIC) is Manitoba’s largest refugee settlement agency. Through the agency’s Settlement and Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) and its Educational and Community Services Division, MIIC staff work with multicultural, multi-linguistic and multi-faith communities in Manitoba to support Government Assisted Refugees (GARs), Privately Sponsored Refugees (PSRs) and other newcomers. 

The agency has over 65 years’ history of sustainability and growth. Governed by a multi-faith volunteer Board the agency mobilizes resources from government, and the general community, to deliver high quality services to help integrate refugees into Canadian society. Under the direction of the Board the agency monitors government policies and attitudes towards refugees and works cooperatively with federal, provincial and non-government agencies which are concerned for the welfare of refugees. The agency ensures through its programming and community connections with other like-minded and specialized agencies that refugees access and receive services that are necessary and appropriate for an individual and family need.

Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation funding will go towards the construction of an outdoor storage shed.

Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad

Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad Inc. (Ndinawe) is an integrated service organization for youth, focusing on shelter, culture, recreation, education, outreach and support; in operation since 1993. The programs and services of Ndinawe have been developed according to traditional philosophy. Central to this philosophy is to give love, guidance, and respect. Since Aboriginal people often express feelings and carry out child-rearing in different ways than non-Aboriginal people, cultural customs and traditions have often been misunderstood by the dominant culture. In more recent times, there has been recognition of the damage caused by societal attempts at assimilation and Aboriginal people have been begun the process of restoration and regeneration. The opening of Ndinawe in October 1993 is yet another step toward that end.

Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation funding will go towards fixing minor kitchen repairs, the purchase of a dishwasher, and new kitchen supplies for the Ndinawe Youth Resource Centre.

Samaritan House Ministries Inc.

Motivated by a spirit of Christian service, the founders of Samaritan House Ministries aimed to reach out and help those people in Brandon and its neighbouring communities who were in need.  

The Safe & Warm Shelter is a 10-bed emergency shelter designated for adults who experience occasional homelessness. The shelter is fully staffed with trained support workers and security guards who ensure safety and assistance for clients. From November 2015 to March 2016, 61 homeless men and women stayed for a total of 457 safe and warm nights. By March 2016, 7 people transitioned from the shelter into their own home.

The MREA Shelter Foundation grant will provide funding towards the cost of two security guards for the Safe and Warm Shelter.

SEED Winnipeg Inc.

SEED Winnipeg is a registered non-profit charitable organization formed in the late 1980s as a result of a major study into the economic development needs of Winnipeg’s inner city. The study indicated a strong need for a business development organization to serve Winnipeg’s low-income community. After spending a few years searching for resources, SEED Winnipeg became operational in January 1993.

Vision: SEED envisions a world where opportunities exist for all people and communities to realize their hopes. Mission To build strong communities and increase opportunities for people through financial empowerment programs and services.

The Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation grant will provide funding towards the delivery of information courses to individuals in the process of buying their first home.

Siloam Mission

A connecting point between the compassionate and Winnipeg’s less fortunate, Siloam Mission is a Christian humanitarian agency offering programs and services at no charge to those experiencing homelessness. Siloam Mission alleviates the hardships of the poor and homeless, assists in transitioning them into self-sufficient and generous lifestyles, and advocates nationwide on their behalf.

The Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation grant will provide funding towards an Easter meal for approximately 1,000 of Winnipeg’s less fortunate.

Winnipeg Habitat for Humanity® Inc.

Winnipeg Habitat for Humanity® builds affordable homes for low-income working families to purchase. By offering families a hand up through no down payment and interest-free mortgages, these proud new homeowners gain esteem, stability, and security for their children that they never thought possible.

Habitat relies on its thousands of passionate volunteers who help to build these homes and its many generous sponsors and partners that enable families and communities to share a brighter future. The MREA Shelter Foundation grant will provide a secure, enclosed trailer for use at Habitat build sites.

The Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation grant will provide funding towards an Easter meal for approximately 1,000 of Winnipeg’s less fortunate.

Women’s Safe Haven/Resource Service Inc.

The mandate is to provide services within the Flin Flon and surrounding area that protect and empower women and youth without discrimination through support, interim housing, referral, resources, information, counseling, and emergency housing.  Working towards ending violence against women and children by providing immediate assistance through the Emergency housing program (Safe Haven), they assist women and youth to plan and apply changes towards personal growth, increased independence and empowerment in their lives through the provision of individual and group counseling, information and referral.  While also providing public awareness on women’s issues through workshops, public speaking, counseling services and a walk-in facility.

The Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation funding will go towards furnishing a three-bedroom interim housing suite, adding security cameras, and a monitored security system.

Manitoba REALTORS® Shelter Foundation